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«Throughout this entire process I have learned so much about myself. Liz has helped me open my mind to the possibilities that my future holds, and how to approach those possibilities in a productive way. I have felt somewhat uninspired working through my degree recently, but this new perspective has definitely changed that and made me excited about my future again!» A.P. – undergraduate student, Concordia University


«Liz was extremely helpful in launching my career after undergrad. Before our sessions, I did not even know where to begin. Her guidance and support helped me to figure out my career priorities and life priorities. Would definitely recommend!» S.V. – recent graduate, McGill University


«As a mid-career professional seeking a VP position, I wanted a coach to help me prepare strategically for interviews and contract negotiations. I chose Liz because of her expertise in the education sector, and not only did she equip me for a variety of conversations with potential employers, she also bolstered my confidence throughout our coaching relationship. What I found most rewarding about working with Liz, however, was her understanding of my values and motivation. So, when it came to making a final decision about a role I had been offered, she asked very insightful questions to guide me to a place where I felt truly grounded and aligned with my choice.  Liz is a gifted career coach and I would highly recommend her.»  
A.N., PhD. – mid-career professional


«This has been a great experience and I have nothing but good things to say. My resume and cover letter have improved immensely. The biggest help has been when I was feeling less than motivated, Liz had nothing but encouragement, which is exactly what I needed.»  I.C. – recent graduate, Niagara University


«Liz is always determined to help me achieve my goals. As I am entering the final year of my undergrad, she has taught me that my future is a new and exciting opportunity that I can make my own. Liz has helped guide me through reflecting on my strengths and values, a process that has led me to better understand who I am and where I’m headed.»
L.F. – undergraduate student, Carleton University


«Before I met with Liz, I was a mess. There were a bunch of career paths that I thought I might be interested in but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do or how to get there. Liz was so incredibly helpful with helping me clarify and organize my thoughts. After our meetings and doing the exercises she gave me, I was able to see that there was a way to incorporate my skills, values and passions into the career path I choose. I know she will prove to be invaluable in the coming year as I begin my job search and go through the application and interviewing process!»  G.H. – undergraduate student, McGill University


«Liz has really helped me gain confidence in job searching. She gave me the tools and methods to start out this daunting journey. Thanks to her, I managed to expand my network and craft effective resumes. I found strengths in experiences I didn’t know I had. She is incredibly professional and is always available to help you out!»  C.R. – recent graduate, McGill University 


«Each conversation with Liz has been incredibly helpful in me finding the career clarity I seek. I’ve benefited so much from her ability to listen intently and hold space for my exploration, processing, and learning; to reflect back to me the nuances in the things she hears me say, and also in the things she doesn’t hear me say (but picks up intuitively from my energy/body language). She has provided a beautiful balance of both structure and openness in her coaching approach. I’m so grateful for her expertise, wisdom and guidance and hope many others have the opportunity to benefit from her gifts in the ways I have.»
M.M., M.A. – transitioning young professional