With a research-based, collaborative approach, Liz helps educational and non-profit leaders fulfill their organizational mission and vision by bringing structure and clarity to their thinking so that they can take action to define strategy, tackle a challenge or implement innovative initiatives.

Services, available in English and French, include hands-on planning, facilitation (including design thinking!) and execution of strategic initiatives and special projects as well as behind-the-scenes coaching, advising, research and support.

Liz’s expertise has developed over two decades of being steeped in the education/non-profit sector as a Head of School/Executive Director, senior administrator, front line educator and a life-long learner who has studied the theory and practice of educational leadership and business management.  This unique perspective allows Liz to approach your challenge holistically and collaboratively, working closely with board directors, organizational leaders, faculty, staff and/or students to implement ideas and realize objectives.

Liz knows from first-hand experience that educators and non-profit leaders sometimes need help juggling projects, focusing on strategic goals and making thoughtful decisions to benefit their entire learning community.  A fresh and unbiased perspective can be the lever that opens doors to new opportunities and solutions.  Let Liz help you to balance your priorities (and your workload) with the following services:

Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects

You have a new strategic plan! Now what?  Often schools need additional resources to help plan and implement important strategic initiatives or new projects that come along.

By first getting to know your organization and its context and listening carefully to your objectives and needs, Liz will collaborate with you and your team to execute new initiatives with a thoughtful, research-based and customized approach.

From the preliminary stages of research and analysis through to business plan development, action planning, execution and evaluation, Liz will help you translate your vision into reality.

Retreats and Short-term Task Forces

When Liz works with a school or non-profit, she is committed to helping your team make the best decisions possible.  Organizations benefit from her objective advice and expertise at leadership, marketing or strategic retreats, as part of a short-term task-force or as a member of your hiring team. Liz has the expertise to both lead or participate in these focused activities, bringing a decision making framework to each initiative, allowing for objective and consistent results.

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Contact Liz at or 514-290-1388 to explore how she might help you and your team.