Coming out of Your Cocoon

Monarch Butterfly on Flower

Have you been noticing a lot of butterflies lately? I see them everywhere — not only on a recent hiking trip and in my own backyard — but in my coaching practice, too! Over the last few months, I’ve supported all sorts of butterfly clients. They’re individuals who are undergoing a metamorphosis, starting from the cocoon of their current job and emerging as new and transformed creatures.

The transformations I am witnessing are limitless:

  • from student to financial analyst
  • from market researcher to educator
  • from bartender to event specialist
  • from teacher to school leader
  • from pharmacist to data analyst
  • from educator to non-profit manager

The list goes on.

While becoming a butterfly is a beautiful and liberating experience, it comes with challenges. One must navigate the unknown, shed the old identity, try new skills, all while wondering if you’ll have the strength to fly in a new setting.

That is where my role as a career coach comes in.

As I accompany you in the transformation, we start by reflecting, taking stock of your strengths, values, skills, interests, preferences and lifestyle goals. We do an online strengths assessment and ask for feedback from trusted contacts.

Then, we write a mission statement based on your reflections. It’s a guiding sentence or two that describes who you are, what you have to offer and how you want to contribute. Next, we match your mission statement to possible industries and roles and start exploring options.  I assist you in researching relevant opportunities and help you figure out how best to build your network so you can learn about roles and industries and narrow down your choices.

Then you are ready to take action, to fly! We work on how to communicate authentically and strategically about the transformation. Together we review your cover letter and résumé, and prepare for interviews.

It takes courage to be a butterfly. And metamorphosis can be wild and crazy at times. But as a coach, acting as a sounding board, cheerleader and strategic adviser (and sometimes accountability coach!), I’ve seen many benefits: increased confidence, a sense of ownership in decision-making, clear next steps and a renewed energy and zest for life.

It is pure joy for me to accompany my butterfly clients and witness their transformation.

If you’re thinking about coming out of your cocoon, let’s talk. It would be my pleasure to support you as you get your new wings.