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“Working with Liz helped me find the words to take ownership and feel validated about my career choices as a recent graduate. Her guidance in situations was invaluable when I was unsure of the next steps to take. Our sessions allowed me to feel confident moving forward in my career path and led me to a position I love today. I would highly recommend working with Liz! Deciding to was one of the best decisions I’ve made as an emerging professional.”
S.G. – recent graduate, Western University

“Liz was a great support during my career transition. She provided invaluable insights throughout the job application and interview process. My experience working with Liz gave me the confidence I needed to apply for the jobs I really wanted but was hesitant to apply for. Liz provided helpful guidance with writing my cover letter, CV, and interview questions. She did her research so that her feedback was unique to my own experiences and strengths. I strongly believe Liz’s support helped me land the job I was aiming for!”
D.H. – mid-career professional

“Throughout this entire process I have learned so much about myself. Liz has helped me open my mind to the possibilities that my future holds, and how to approach those possibilities in a productive way. I have felt somewhat uninspired working through my degree recently, but this new perspective has definitely changed that and made me excited about my future again!”
A.P. – undergraduate student, Concordia University  

“After a bad first year of university and a year off, I didn’t know how I wanted to continue my education. Liz helped me to understand myself better and my goals. By the end of our sessions, I had a clear view of what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be.”
N.W. – current GAP year, transitioning back to College

“I am grateful to Liz for guiding me in my professional rediscovery! I was looking to transition into a new career and Liz helped me to reflect on my skills and strengths to recognize what I had to offer.  Liz is a joy to work with because she listens intently, nudges gently and guides you down a path based on your aspirations and needs – she is extremely perceptive. I really appreciate Liz’s coaching style and would highly recommend her!”
D.M. – mid-career professional

“Liz was extremely helpful in launching my career after undergrad. Before our sessions, I did not even know where to begin. Her guidance and support helped me to figure out my career priorities and life priorities. Would definitely recommend!”
S.V. – recent graduate, McGill University

“As a mid-career professional in education ready to move towards a leadership position, I was looking for coaching to help structure my portfolio and strategically prepare for interviews. Beyond her experience and expertise as an educational leader, I chose Liz for her perceptive approach, as it fostered an authentic and trusting coaching relationship. Through insightful questions, deep dialogue and coaching tools, Liz helped me shift my mindset, organize my professional profile and strategically reflect upon how to best communicate and represent the true essence of my candidature – how empowering! Liz is a gifted coach and I highly recommend her.” 
K.R., M.Ed. – mid-career educator

“Working with Liz gave me confidence in explicitly identifying what were mostly intuitive feelings. I now understand better where my passions lie and how I can best achieve them. It’s been wonderful working with Liz, she’s a great mentor and coach!”
J-F.G. – graduate student, LSE

“This has been a great experience and I have nothing but good things to say. My resume and cover letter have improved immensely. The biggest help has been when I was feeling less than motivated, Liz had nothing but encouragement, which is exactly what I needed.”
I.C. – recent graduate, Niagara University

“Each conversation with Liz has been incredibly helpful in me finding the career clarity I seek. I’ve benefited so much from her ability to listen intently and hold space for my exploration, processing, and learning; to reflect back to me the nuances in the things she hears me say, and also in the things she doesn’t hear me say (but picks up intuitively from my energy/body language). She has provided a beautiful balance of both structure and openness in her coaching approach. I’m so grateful for her expertise, wisdom and guidance and hope many others have the opportunity to benefit from her gifts in the ways I have.”
M.M., M.A. – transitioning young professional

“Liz is always determined to help me achieve my goals. As I am entering the final year of my undergrad, she has taught me that my future is a new and exciting opportunity that I can make my own. Liz has helped guide me through reflecting on my strengths and values, a process that has led me to better understand who I am and where I’m headed.”
L.F. – undergraduate student, Carleton University

“As a mid-career professional seeking a VP position, I wanted a coach to help me prepare strategically for interviews and contract negotiations. I chose Liz because of her expertise in the education sector, and not only did she equip me for a variety of conversations with potential employers, she also bolstered my confidence throughout our coaching relationship. What I found most rewarding about working with Liz, however, was her understanding of my values and motivation. So, when it came to making a final decision about a role I had been offered, she asked very insightful questions to guide me to a place where I felt truly grounded and aligned with my choice.  Liz is a gifted career coach and I would highly recommend her.”  
A.N., PhD. – mid-career professional

“Before I met with Liz, I was a mess. There were a bunch of career paths that I thought I might be interested in but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do or how to get there. Liz was so incredibly helpful with helping me clarify and organize my thoughts. After our meetings and doing the exercises she gave me, I was able to see that there was a way to incorporate my skills, values and passions into the career path I choose. I know she will prove to be invaluable in the coming year as I begin my job search and go through the application and interviewing process!”
G.H. – undergraduate student, McGill University

“Liz has really helped me gain confidence in job searching. She gave me the tools and methods to start out this daunting journey. Thanks to her, I managed to expand my network and craft effective resumes. I found strengths in experiences I didn’t know I had. She is incredibly professional and is always available to help you out!”
C.R. – recent graduate, McGill University 

“You can feel that Liz genuinely cares about her clients and takes a material interest in their self discovery and overall journey. Liz helped me to clarify and organize my goals, which ultimately allowed me to take action. This led me to securing a job I never thought I would have. Only great things to say about Liz, thank you.”
H.B. – 20-something, early career professional 

“Liz Falco is a wonderful source of clarity and direction to those interested in making a great change in their lives. She is warm, insightful, and dedicated to the continued success of her clients. If you feel like where you’re at isn’t where you’d like to be – reach out to her!”
J.G. – 20-something, transitioning to a new industry 

“My experience working with Liz was great, as I contemplated my career change, and sought my plan of going to business school.  I highly recommend her if you are transitioning careers, or looking to get ahead in your current path.”
B.K. – transitioning young professional  

Lost? Frustrated? Discouraged? Confused? Not getting the jobs you want? Don’t even know what jobs you want? I was all of the above before Liz coached me. 1 year later, I am in a much better place in my career, and as a result, in my life. Her program and experience took me from dead-end jobs to full-speed career momentum in a very short time.”
A.P. – 20-something, early-career professional 

Liz Falco was instrumental in my recent career reboot. After several frustrating years of working odd jobs with low pay and little security, Liz guided me through a detailed self-exploration. She helped me identify what I want to get out of life and how I might best achieve these goals. Together, we analyzed my work history and crafted a new professional narrative that more clearly communicates my talents to potential employers. Most importantly, through her compassionate accountability, Liz gave me a sense of optimism and confidence that has so often escaped me. I would not have my current job without Liz and I’m happy to recommend her to anyone who feels overdue for a burst of positive change.”
M.K. -39 years old, mid-career professional