Sunflower riding a bicycle!

I came across this drawing during a fun stay in Lake Placid in March 2012. It was hanging in an innovative restaurant called Liquids and Solids. (I found out later the drawing was done by the owner!) I love sunflowers and was attracted to the whimsical nature of the drawing so I took a photo of it!

It was at around that same time that I started formalizing my consulting business – and I decided (with the artist’s permission) that the drawing would be a perfect symbol for my logo!

In fact, the image reflects a great deal about My Educational Philosophy:

The bicycle symbolizes the journey of education which everyone takes in life – whether it be formal or informal, intentional or not, life is just one long learning opportunity!

The sunflower symbolizes optimism and resilience – two qualities I feel are important to foster in today’s youth – promoting the energy and desire to enjoy life as well as the perseverance and strength to conquer the hurdles along the way. Check out Martin Seligman’s book on Learned Optimism.

And the bluebird, it symbolizes good health – there is no question that physical and emotional literacy are just as important as language, numeracy and digital literacy! Watch Dr. Mike Evans’ video about the importance of physical literacy & activity here: 23 ½ hours

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