Reflect. Explore. Act.

Whether you are a student, entering the work-place, an aspiring leader or considering a change in careers, Liz provides ongoing support in your Career Thinking to help you reach your goals and take on your next adventure with confidence.

After an initial complimentary phone consultation, Liz will design a customized coaching program to support your specific goals and needs.

In general, the Career Thinking process involves three stages:


This is the foundational stage to the process where you will take time to reflect about who you are. With a curious and empathic mindset, Liz will ask questions to help you clarify your thoughts and use a range of visual and dynamic tools that help you develop a clear picture of your passions, strengths, skills, values and preferences.  Only then can we articulate your goals and move onto the next stage…


The exploration or learning stage is one of possibilities. After some analysis of your self-reflection, we will choose a few areas (usually 3 – 5) to explore more deeply – these could be areas of study, specific industries or particular roles that align with your reflections. Some easy-to-use tools will help to structure your thinking and we will discuss how to deepen your network, do informational interviews, find mentors and make choices that are right for you.  Then, you’ll be ready for the next stage…


Now it’s time to take action!  And Liz will help you be accountable to your goals and true to yourself in the process.  We may take some time to refine your résumé & covering letter, and prepare for interviews – making sure that you are ready to tell your story and communicate your skills and strengths with confidence.  From here, Liz will provide ongoing cheerleading and strategic advice as you navigate towards your next adventure.

The Perfect Gift!

Offer a Career Coaching Gift Certificate to a new grad or friend in career transition!
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